Our Babies

Our Daisy room is situated upstairs in a large quiet space overlooking the farm and outdoor play spaces, our specifically designed full-length feature Windows give our young babies a great view of the natural surroundings at Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery so they too can get a feel of the outdoors, even when they are warm and cosy inside.


Our babies are accepted from 6 weeks and will stay in the daisy room until they leave to go to the Daffodils (toddler room). There is a main area for children to crawl and explore, with equipment at their height and easily available for them to touch, feel, play and discover. BabiesWe have a specifically designed area devoted to sleeping and one to mealtimes, a separate nappy changing room just for our babies and provide our own nappies, nappy creams, and wipes for each child. We also have a separate kitchen for sterilising bottles and preparing drinks and snacks. All meals and snacks are provided by us and are prepared by our highly experienced cook in the Farm Kitchen. The food is sourced locally, freshly prepared and delicious!

We know that young children and babies are attracted to natural resources, which is why we prepare heuristic play for all our babies, where they can explore treasure baskets and materials found around us in our environment. Playing messy is one of the best things about nursery, we know that as mums and dads you won’t always have the time to strip babies down and let them crawl around in gloop and paint. But we do! We believe the best way to help them learn is to prepare activities and provocations designed for interaction, growth, physical development, imagination and play. We allow our babies to fully experience exactly what they are drawn to, enjoy it with them, take note of what skills they have shown and how they play, then plan a continuing play experience just for them which keeps them engaged.
In the Daisy Room, the babies can toddle, crawl and explore their environment in complete safety.

We understand that learning to sleep at a nursery is a worry for every parent, so our staff is here to discuss any queries you may have.
Our sleeping children are continuously monitored and sleep times recorded, we follow each child’s home sleeping routine at Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery and provide each child with their own sleep bag, including a new blanket and sheet, these are washed weekly by us.

If you would like more information about our Daisy Room please call or contact us.