Meadow Lane Children’s nursery is now accepting wait list applications. Open enrolment is ongoing throughout the year.

If you would like to join our waiting list, to hear about progress and up and coming dates for open days and events please complete our Application and Timing requirements form here:

All our registration forms are available to download here.

Please return your signed forms via:

Postal Address, Old Pig Farm, Meadow Lane, St Ives, PE27 4LG

Email signed and scanned copies to admissions@meadowlanechildrensnursery.co.uk

or drop them at Reception in the nursery.

If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us.


Settling into Nursery

Before your child joins the nursery we have what’s known as a ‘settling in period’, when you and your child can come into the nursery and stay for a while together in order to get to know us and the other children.  It is important that your child has spent some time in the nursery before their actual starting date.  We like to get to know you as a family better and understand your home routine as this helps us understand what your child is used to and will help us settle you all in more easily. You’ll get to know your key-person, meet some of the other children and meet other staff who work here.  The purpose of this settling in process is that when your child properly starts nursery both you and they will feel familiar with the environment and us, which will put your little one much more at ease.  As the child’s parent or carer you know what to expect when you bring your child in and you will know what you need to bring to nursery with you each day. Your child will feel like nursery is a familiar place and will happily join in and feel quite settled and confident within their new environment when you leave.

We normally offer a settling-in period over 3 days with 2-hour sessions each day. We work closely with parents to find out how they feel it is best to organise this settling in period.


‘Famly’ – Our Online System

Famly is an online software Nursery management system that allows us to ensure strong and consistent communication with our parents and families. The system allows parents to access an activity feed of their child’s day, (ie. nappy changes, sleeps, food) that is updated in real time, it has instant messenger so parents can direct message any member of the team, this helps us include parents in the daily care for their child and gives you instant communication when needed. The system also has a news feed that is filled with the children’s photos, interests, trips and updates for parents/carers to see.

The online system has many other features, including invoices, parent permissions, daily registers etc, this helps the nursery day run smoothly and ensures we have a happy, safe environment for our children to flourish.