Meet The Team

We employ a well-qualified and friendly team of childcare educators that are all DBS checked and offer knowledge and experience in childcare, education, child protection and first aid.

Our diverse team ensures that we have a vast array of knowledge within the specialist areas of the Nursery and its setting, ensuring the children have the best possible stimulation and experiences in a safe and secure environment.

Sophia Covill – Nursery Manager

Sophia is responsible for the management of Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery and oversees all aspects of the day to day and ongoing operations of the Nursery. She is passionate about children’s play and how this enhances the development of their education, she has a great understanding of the EYFS curriculum and has over 7 years of experience working within an Early Years environment. Sophia was first inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach whilst teaching in a school in Dubai and believes in the importance of self-directed play and how this helps children to learn and to develop socially.


Chloe Wiles – Deputy Nursery Manager

Chloe is responsible for management and administration at Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery. She has extended knowledge of the EYFS Curriculum and 5 years of experience working and caring for with children and adults with SEN needs. Chloe has a level 6 BA Honors in Early Childhood Studies. Chloe believes in the importance of early childhood development and the vital need for enriching and engaging experiences to help young children develop independence and confidence and a sense of identity.


Stevie Lomas – Deputy Nursery Manager

Stevie is one of our Deputy managers who is responsible for the management and administration at Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery.  As well a dedicated staff member Stevie is a mum of her wonderful young boy. Stevie believes in valuing each child as an individual and has a passion for creating an environment that will support and guide children to build on their confidence and independence. Stevie has gained her extended knowledge on the EYFS throughout her 7 years of working with children gaining her Level 5 qualification. She is also currently undertaking her Level 6 BA Honors degree in Early childhood. Stevie is passionate about play and it being a significant part of a child’s development and that the outdoors has a great role within this, Stevie believes that “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” even for the youngest of our children.


Anne Bullough – Horticultural Manager and Preschool Educational Co-ordinator

Anne is our Nursery Horticultural Manager, she oversees the horticultural planning, preparation, maintenance, planting and harvesting at the nursery and works with the children allowing them to join in the daily care of our growing areas, including digging, planting, watering and harvesting. Anne is a professional Horticulturist and a mum of two, with over 7 years working with children and families. She believes that all children need to have access to quality outdoor spaces and an environment that encourages exploration of the natural world and that fosters curiosity, confidence and an appetite for learning.


Abbie Parker – Preschool Nursery Educator

Abbie has recently qualified in Level 3 early educators. She has over two years of experience with children within the early years. Abbie enjoys outdoor activities in her spare time and believes outdoor space is a huge benefit to children and their learning and development. Abbie is excited to implement what she has learnt through practice and progress her interest in the Reggio Emilia approach here at Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery.


Jenny Oldham – Toddler Educational Co-ordinator

Jenny is the Educational Co-ordinator for our toddlers. She is a positive, enthusiastic role model for the children in her care, always smiling and coming up with new creative ideas. She is passionate about child-led play and the importance for children to have the freedom to play and explore. She has worked in childcare for 4 years and has gained a level 4 advanced practitioner qualification. Jenny enjoys working in a team creating a stimulating environment and since joining Meadow Lane has become passionate about learning in the outdoors.


Georgia Stanley – Toddler Educational Co-ordinator

Georgia studied children and young people’s workforce and obtained her level 2 qualification. She has worked with children for over three years. Georgia is a keen baker in her spare time and since joining Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery, Georgia has bought her creativity to share with the children and has recently made smoothies, cookies and sensory playdough with them. Georgia is passionate about supporting the children to discover the world, using their imaginations, curiosity and discovery!


Jess Charman – Baby Educational Co-ordinator

Jess is a level 3 qualified practitioner with 7 years of experience. Over the years, Jess has acquired a number of other qualifications. She has worked in a range of settings from a nursery to a primary school. Jess enjoys messy play and has a love for forest school, believing that there is only bad clothing, not bad weather. A new area of interest for Jess is sensory play and loose parts. As well as a professional background with childcare, Jess also has a young son with whom explores new environments and experiences, especially if involving animals as it is a love they both share.


Danni Welton – Baby Educational Co-ordinator

Danni has been qualified with her level 3 in childcare for 7 years and has 4 years experience. Danni believes that all children learn through play in their own ways and at their own pace. Danni also believes that outdoor play allows children to express themselves and learn in different ways. Danni enjoys socialising outside of work and enjoys photography.


Giulia De-Nunzio – Toddler Nursery Educator

Giulia has a level 3 diploma in childcare and education. Giulia started with us as a student volunteer in November 2017 and was such a credit to the team that she became an employee and nursery educator. Giulia is keen to implement and bring her learning into the setting and is passionate about child-led Reggio Emilia approach.


Nicola Stoner – Baby Nursery Educator

Nicola is new to working in a nursery, however, she has lots of experience with children as she has two young daughters. Nicola views working with children as a privilege and is very passionate about the Reggio approach. Believing strongly that children have 100 ways of expressing, learning and exploring. Nicola is currently studying childcare, she brings a fresh enthusiasm and creative flair to the baby room.


Nicole Clark – Toddler Nursery Educator

Nicole has a level 3 childcare national diploma and has worked with children of all ages. She has also worked with young children with special educational needs. Nicole enjoys learning more about the Reggio Emilia approach and enjoys researching activity and provocations to help the children’s development. Nicole enjoys the outside environment.


Helen English – Toddler Nursery Educator

Helen is level 3 qualified with 20 years of experience of working with children, obtaining various qualifications along the way. After working in various childcare environments. The ”Reggio Emilia” approach used at Meadow Lane sits with Helen’s belief that each child develops at their own pace, and given the tools and freedom to explore, taking risks  and that they are their own best teacher. Helen has 2 daughters and enjoys long walks, visiting castles and cities.


Claire Vickery – Preschool Nursery Educator

Katrina Drinkwater – Baby Nursery Educator

Katrina loves the outdoors and the animals and believes every child follows their own learning path, and with the right environment and guidance every learning opportunity is possible. Katrina is aspiring to complete her Level 3 in childcare and is interested to explore and implement the Reggio approach. Katrina believes that “Children must be taught how to think not what to think” – (Margaret Mead)


Andrea Cremona – Preschool Nursery Educator

Andrea is from Malta and has moved to the UK after studying the Reggio Emilia approach for 3 years. Andrea graduated after completing her BA Honors in childhood education and care. She is very excited to be working in an environment which shares ideas and focus on a child-led approach. Using her knowledge she is adventurous and excited to learn and explore alongside the children.


Ledja McDonald – Toddler Nursery Educator


Angela McGarry – Kitchen Manager and Gardener

Angela is our on sight cook and kitchen manager, she works with the team and the children to develop seasonal menus and dishes throughout the year. Angela is a keen baker and gardener and has a wonderful passion for creative food. She believes that having children involved in the growing, preparing and cooking of food allows them to develop their excitement and respect for healthy nutritious food. Angela has extensive experience in catering and feels that getting children involved in the kitchen has great potential to influence food preferences for nutritious and delicious foods.


Louise Halliday – Kitchen Assitant

Louise works alongside Angela providing seasonal menus and delicious meals. Louise is keen to get the children involved with the preparation of meals alongside serving and setting up for meal times. Louise enjoys getting her hands dirty alongside the children in preparation for growing and picking our homegrown fruit and vegetables, and believes children take wonder from where food comes from which is shown during cooking activities.


Caroline Covill – Nursery Assistant

Caroline supports the team in the day to day running of the Nursery, she spends time with the children during lunch covers and is involved with activities that need additional support. Caroline is dedicated to making children’s learning fun and playful.

Grace Johnson – Toddler Nursery Educator

Grace is new to working with children but is very keen to learn the Reggio approach. Grace studied art at school and wants to continue this here at Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery. In her spare time, she supports her mum with children’s party events. Grace is very excited to bring creativity to the nursery and get involved in all the wonderful activities we have. Grace is passionate about learning in the outdoor environment and giving the children the freedom to run around and explore.