Our Preschool

Our Dandelion room is situated downstairs in the largest play space, catering for our 3 to school aged children. The preschool room is filled with engaging, intricate spaces.

Our PreschoolThe Dandelion room gives our preschoolers the opportunity to learn and discover through natural open-ended resources to develop their imagination and creative expression. Playing messy is one of the best things about nursery, we know that as mums and dads you won’t always have the time to let your little ones mess around in gloop or mud, But we do! We believe the best way to help them learn is to prepare activities and provocations designed for interaction, growth, physical development and imagination. We allow the pre-schoolers to fully experience what they are drawn to, we enjoy it with them, make observations of what skills they have shown and how they play, then plan activities and experiences that they will love and that they will learn new skills from.

The Dandelion room has a large changeable 2 levelled role-play area, overlooking the lake to inspire the children’s imagination, it has a quiet reading area and literacy area allowing the children constant availability to develop their reading and writing skills, a large art and messy play area to encourage and ignite the children’s individual creativity.

We give our preschoolers the opportunity to explore and learn through play using a variety of resources such as light boxes, natural materials and creative media such as clay, paint and messy play on a daily basis. The children absorb many different concepts when learning through play, including both mathematical and linguistic skills, including counting, language skills, teamwork, pouring, lifting, compromising, measuring, these all help to develop skills they need now and in the future. We ensure the spaces are literacy and mathematically rich to encourage our children’s natural need for knowledge and learning.

We understand how very important this time is in your child’s life, as he or she prepares to enter mainstream school. The right curriculum is essential at this stage. We employ highly qualified staff and undertake ongoing training to ensure an optimum learning environment is created for your child at this stage. At Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with a Reggio Emila approach, this enables us to encourage children’s learning and development in the seven areas, whilst incorporating the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration, discovery and play. Your child has the opportunity to learn essential basic skills so that he or she will enter school well equipped to handle the sometimes difficult situations, as they arise And help them become happy confident learners.

Our open outdoor policy ensures that our toddlers have the choice to play and learn outside or inside as much as they desire. We allow the children to move freely between our indoor and outdoor play spaces that are directly connected to the Daffodil room, ensuring that they are well supervised and safe. This means that the children’s play is not hindered by strict timings and allows them to become fully immersed in their learning and discovery.

We provide waterproof overalls for the children to wear when the weather is really wet, so the children can squelch through the mud and splash in puddles.

We believe that a real experience of the great outdoors will inspire children and encourage them to love and respect nature for years to come.

We understand that learning to sleep at the nursery is a worry for every parent, so our staff is here to discuss any queries you may have.
CCTV cameras monitor our sleep area and connect to a mobile tablet for our staff to have constant supervision. Our sleeping children are continuously monitored and sleep times recorded, we try to follow each child’s home sleeping routine at Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery and provide each child with their own sleep bag, including a new blanket and sheet, these are washed weekly by us.

If you would like more information regarding our preschool, please call or contact us.