Contacting Our Role Models

We have contacted many role model here at Meadow Lane and these are below.

Kate Middleton

So some of you may already know that Kate Middleton is an ambassador for the Early Years and the Outdoors… A staff member decided to write a letter to Kate Middleton back in July 2020 inviting her to visit Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery and enclosed our OFSTED report within the envelope! We received a response letter through the post today 8 months later … Really wished she could have come to see what we have on offer for the children but still very happy and proud to of had a response, and that she has read our OUTSTANDING OFSTED report which got awarded in February last year!

Featuring on Channel 4 – Escape to the Chateau Make Do and Mend

A few years ago Sophia and her mum went and visited Escape to the Chateau (a channel 4 TV Programme about DIY projects and development) and stayed in their Glamping Dome. They were blown away with how lovely their visit was and this is where our Dome has been inspired from. Sophia has always stayed in contact with ‘Dick and Angel Strawbridge’ and updated them on our Dome development. 

In January 2021 we got invited to take part in their spin off programme ‘Make Do and Mend’ which was filmed in the spring and aired this summer 2021. We called for help from ‘Dick and Angel Strawbridge’ to help us with a project of a ‘Bird Watch Hide’ for our developing forest school. Dick and Angel helped us rethink how the children enter our forest school environment and the layout and supported us on the structure and design of the project. We have got chosen as a setting due to our unique approach, love of the outdoors and great team of girls who are confident in using a power took and DIY.  We are over the moon that Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery made it to Channel 4. 

Dr Alex 

Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery wrote to Dr Alex in 2021 who is the youth Mental Health ambassador. The Prime Minister appointed Dr. Alex George to advise government and raise the profile of mental health education and wellbeing in school. We wrote to Dr Alex to tell him about what we do at Meadow Lane to support wellbeing and if he would be able to give us some strategies or tips on how we can enhance what we already do in our practice. 

Always welcoming ideas and ways to improve💡

Sir David Attenborough 

As some of you may know Sir David Attenborough is an English broadcaster and natural historian. He is a champion of humanity and Earth. Over the years he has persistently warned us of our “last chance” to change our behaviour to prevent climate change damage of catastrophic proportions to our planet. 

Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery wrote a letter to him explaining about what we do at the nursery to help the planet. We have received a Handwritten response letter from Sir David Attenborough this morning letting us know what a good job our children are doing🌳