Holiday Club Fun

Stimulating environments that promote curiosity and learning

Holiday Club

We also offer a holiday club to children aged 4-9 years old which takes place outdoors in our forest school area as well as spending time tending the vegetable plots, going to the cafe for cooking sessions, meeting the animals and getting creative in the barn.

We encourage risky play so children learn to assess risks themselves as this helps them to stay safer.

Woodworking for example builds life skills and self confidence as well as giving a feeling of achievement. The appropriate use of tools is modelled and supported with more and more autonomy given to the child as they become more confident. Children learn to be safe around a campfire and get opportunities to use a flint and steel to help to light it. The fire is used as a focus point to have conversations around, but also to cook on. We encourage children to persevere with tasks they might struggle with and give support for them to achieve self set goals.

As well as being a stimulating environment that promotes curiosity and learning, it can also have a calming effect and allows children to just be and absorb what is around them with all their senses. This is something we feel is particularly important for children these days.

Denbuilding, Mud/Clay, Bug Hunts and building bug hotels, Pond dipping, Cloud watching, Planting, Cooking and Feeding the animals are some of the things we like to offer.