Beautiful Gardens

Our Gardens

We have a lovely vegetable and flower garden with raised beds which are easily accessible. The children help to plant, water and later on harvest vegetables and pick flowers for the table during the growing season.

As well as gaining an understanding in the natural process of growth and decay, children learn where their food comes from and what it takes to produce it. Harvesting, cooking and eating produce fresh from the garden is a natural way to encourage healthy eating and a responsible attitude to food.

The delight when children pull up their first carrot or try fresh peas from a pod is priceless. As well as teaching children about a healthy lifestyle and where their food comes from, growing produce offers many more opportunities to explore the natural world (Worms, ladybirds, woodlice and snails being firm favourites). Exploring plants with all their senses also offers plenty of opportunities to expand their
mathematical thinking (Comparing, counting, weighing and sorting…) as well as their early literacy skills ( extending vocabulary, encouraging communication, using descriptive language, listening to and understanding instructions, sequencing, recalling, ‘writing’ labels,…).

Join in their wonder and curiosity and enjoy the garden! We are also creating a small sensory garden at the front of the Nursery to offer our younger children another space to explore with all their senses and to make their own.