Starting At Nursery

We offer a very detailed, in depth tour which ranges anywhere between 40 mins to 1 hour

Starting At Nursery

If you like what you see, then please book a tour now by either emailing or calling 01480 492 739.

We offer a very detailed, in depth tour which ranges anywhere between 40 mins to 1 hour. Your tour includes a visit to of all our classroom spaces and our outdoor learning environments which have been given an award in 2020 as part of the ‘Nursery World awards’. The tour offers as much information as possible to help you make that important decision for your child’s first years of their life, some of tours are hands on and offer feeding of our lovely goats Dolly and Daphne, (so please remember to wear appropriate footwear, especially in the winter)

When you enrol in the setting we will assign you and your child with a key person who will support you with your child’s settling in period to Meadow Lane Children’s Nursery. We believe that children settle best when they have a Key person to relate to, who knows them and their parents well, and who can meet their individual needs. Research shows that the ‘key person’ approach benefits the child, the parents, the staff and the setting by providing secure relationships in which children thrive, parents have confidence, our staff are committed and the setting is a happy and a dedicated place to attend or work in.

We offer three settle sessions here at Meadow Lane and these will be arranged through the office and will be on three consecutive dates where possible.

The first one is 2 hours long and you as the parent would be able to stay for the whole two hour session to talk about your child in as much detail as possible to the Educators in the room. You being there on the first session is good because your child can see you building a trusting relationship between the parents and the key worker and for your child to observe this so they know that they feel in a happy and safe environment when you as the parent have left.

The second session is again 2 hours long but the parent would only stay for the first 10-20 minutes to check there child feels comfortable and settled in the classroom to then leave. We always advise the parent to say goodbye so they know that you will be coming back in a short while. The third session will be another 2 hours and you will be greeted at the bottom of the ramp by the key worker to collect your child to then bring them into the nursery environment.

We want children to feel safe, stimulated and happy at Meadow Lane and to feel secure and comfortable with our staff. We also want parents to have the confidence in both their children’s wellbeing and their role as active partners within our setting. We aim to make our setting a welcoming place where children settle quickly and easily because consideration has been given to the individual needs and circumstances of children and their families.